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CILC Unveiling Exciting Advancements in Connecting Rural Classrooms with World-Class Learning Experience

New partnerships and global initiatives will bring exciting changes in 2016.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of wonderful organizations and people over the years. The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) is one of those organizations that is working on some exciting new initiatives aimed at eliminating barriers to education and providing a holistic global experience for both students and teachers. CILC helps develop, support and evaluate interactive video conferencing and facilitate distance learning. The organization constantly applies innovative technologies to connect rural students with access to world-class education experiences.

CILCCILC is offering easier access to its content with a one-click connect function. One-click connect utilizes cloud-based video, requiring only an Internet connection allowing more classrooms to participate. In the past, 95 percent of rural classrooms were limited due to lack of equipment and the high cost of bandwidth. Now schools can utilize the tools they already have, such as laptops, whiteboards and projectors to connect with content providers.

In addition to improving access to content, CILC is partnering with new organizations to expand its content offering. A group of CILC’s content providers have collaborated to form the Pinnacle Education Collaborative (PEC), which focuses on expanding educational opportunities for students through product launches and events. This group will collaborate on festivals throughout the year to form a personal learning network of their own and create joint proposals for conferences and grant opportunities. Schools will benefit the most, as these providers will offer their programs at a steeply discounted rate.

There is also a shift toward teaching students and teachers how to be global citizens. CILC is partnering with NEPRIS.com to connect teachers to career and technical professionals’ clearinghouse. Similar to CILC, NEPRIS utilizes professionals as their content providers and connects classrooms to professionals in a variety of fields. Additionally, CILC is partnering with Flat Connections out of Australia to develop and cultivate global education opportunities for both students and teachers. Teachers will have the opportunity to become certified in global education by learning how to create meaningful educational experiences through connecting their students to other global classrooms.

The future of education rests on the ability for students to connect with the limitless education opportunities throughout the world and programs like one-click connect make this a reality for many schools. CILC is committed to helping bridge the gap between content providers and schools to provide a robust, globally minded service to students across the United States.


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